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The Past

Three generations ago, W.H. "Bill" Muth, Sr. Bill, Sr. started in the lumber industry at the W.M. Ritter Lumber Company. At the time, this was the largest hardwood lumber company in the United States. It was subsequently acquired by Georgia-Pacific and became its hardwood lumber division. With this experience, Bill (Grandpa) and two partners started Northeast Lumber Company in 1912. Northeast maintained offices in Huntington, West Virginia and had a steam-powered bandmill facility near Pikeville, Kentucky. This Pikeville location also operated a narrow gage ("shay") train system that aided in the transport of logs from timbering operations to the mill. Additional facilities included a small walnut distribution yard in Huntington.

In 1925, Bill Muth separated from Northeast and started Huntington Hardwood Lumber Company at the distribution yard in Huntington. Due to the superior rail loading facilities in nearby Kenova, WV, this business was moved in 1931. With progression of kiln drying facilities and due to a change in ownership, W.H. "Bill" Muth Jr formed Muth Lumber & Kiln Drying Company in 1958. The transition of this business to his sons, Dick and Tim occurred in 1984. With this change the current name Muth Lumber Company, Inc. ("MLC") was adopted. In 1987, "MLC" was moved to its current 15-acre site in Ironton, Ohio.

The Present

These years have seen great changes in Muth Lumber Company as well as in the hardwood industry that it serves. From three employees and 90,000' of kiln drying capacity in 1958, the current company has over fifty employees, over 1 million of kiln drying space and roughly 850,000' of pre-drying capacity and with over 4 million ft. of dry shed storage.

With three generations of experience in the hardwood lumber industry, Muth Lumber Company now supplies the best in Appalachian hardwoods for shipments around the world. The species now inventoried include Ash, Basswood, Beech, Cherry, Hickory, Hard and Soft Maple, Red and White Oak, Poplar, Sassafras and Walnut. Our unique assets include the wide array of species inventoried and also the large variety of grades and thicknesses (4/4 - 8/4) that are regularly available.

This diversity of products is probably why more of our clientele rely upon us to build mixed loads of species, grades and thicknesses with very short lead times. In addition to this product diversity, Muth Lumber also provide S2S and S4S surfacing, as well as straight line ripping (SLR) service with very short time requirements. These short lead-times and mixed load capabilities separate us from many of our competitors.

The Future

The evolution that has occurred in the hardwood industry during this time has, as with many industries, been great. These changes seem to have been even more rapid in the last few years. We are ready to adapt to the many changes that we anticipate will arrive as the industry continues to evolve. These changes will continue to challenge us to provide our customers and this industry the quality products and the superior service that our clientele have come to expect over the years. We look forward to this challenge and we invite you to place your trust in our quality products and reliable service..


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